For the First time in India, SUN IAS ACADEMY introduces a concept called ‘IAS GURUKUL’ under the personal guidance of Mr. S. SARAVANA KUMARAN I.R.S. He is the Honorary Director of SUN IAS ACADEMY who cleared the UPSC civil services exam in 2000 with highest marks in sociology and became an IRTS officer. He also cleared the UPSC exam once more in 2004 and joined the prestigious Indian Revenue Service (IRS). He is now practicing as an ardent advocate for social empowerment. He truly wants to contribute for student’s society and started the IAS GURUKUL mission.

IAS GURUKUL is designed for only 10 dedicated students. Those students will be selected after a merit Entrance and Interview. Those who are selected for IAS GURUKUL,

10 Mantras

  1. Shall report at 6.00 AM every day.
  2. Followed by Newspaper and Current Affairs discussion.
  3. Daily classes for Prelims and Mains.
  4. Prelims and Mains test in alternate days.
  5. STEP- an English upgradation programme by ‘THE HINDU’ to improve communication skills will be offered.
  6. Personality Development programme throughout the year.
  7. Daily Yoga class by an expert team to increase mental health and concentration.
  8. Individual SWOT analysis and Guidance based on analysis report.
  9. Daily assignments for weekly assessment.
  10. Weekly and Monthly study targets to complete syllabus along with a well-designed study hall and Library.